North Midland Construction Plc

North Midland Construction Plc

North Midland Construction is a national Utility, Civil Engineering, Building, Mechanical and Electrical contractor with over 69 years’ experience which spans across 5 operational divisions. Keywest Partnership has overseen all post-contract commercial aspects of two major projects carried out by NMC’s Highways division:

Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway

A £20m+ NEC3 (Option C) project which involves the construction of a 24km segregated cycle route between Leeds and Bradford, running from Leeds city centre along the A647 to the new Broadway shopping centre in the heart of Bradford. Linking these two key cities provides people of all ages, ethnicities and status along the route with the opportunity to cycle and walk, away from the traffic. The characteristics and overall purpose of this scheme complement Keywest Partnership’s commitment to sustainability perfectly.

The scheme covers a vast geographical area which has resulted in numerous challenges in regard to change management and contract administration. Keywest Partnership has worked with North Midland Construction (and indeed the Project Manager and Employer) in dealing with the significant number of Compensation Events on the project. We have provided staff on a flexible basis at all of the typical commercial levels.

Furthergate Bus Lane and Link Road, Blackburn

Furthergate Bus Lane and Link Road is a £8m+ NEC3 (Option B) highways project which forms part of the £50m Pennine Reach programme across East Lancashire. The scheme involves the construction of a brand new bus lane along Furthergate and Copy Nook and the construction of a new link road from the Whitebirk roundabout, heading in a westerly direction to provide access to the area around Kenyon Street.

Pennine Reach itself is a transport scheme aimed at improving the local bus network along the Accrington – Blackburn – Darwen corridor and linking in with the east-west and north-south railway lines. The key purposes of the Pennine Reach programme and specifically the Furthergate project are to reduce road congestion and to improve transport provision to key employment sites. Keywest Partnership are therefore proud to have added this project to their portfolio given that it provides another example of their commitment to working on infrastructure projects which play a positive role in society.

Keywest have provided a Commercial Manager and Senior Quantity Surveyor to North Midland Construction in order to deal with the significant number of Compensation Events and to help manage significant risks in regard to the delivery of Statutory Undertaker diversion works which have had a constant interface with North Midland Construction works.


28th September 2016